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Our Mission, Vision and Values

Aromas Tri-County Fire Protection District Mission Statement

To protect life, property, and the environment by providing professional response to fire, traffic collision, medical, and hazardous materials and emergency incidents; to promote fire safety and public awareness; and to provide these services within the boundaries of the ATCFPD and within other jurisdictions per mutual aid agreements.

Aromas Tri-County Fire Protection District Value Statement

The District is committed to conducting business with the highest ethical standards and believes the following values are fundamental to our success:

  1. INTEGRITY: Maintain the highest ethical standards.
  2. TEAMWORK: Maintain a collaborative relationship between the Board and staff, we are committed to working together to resolve issues.
  3. COOPERATION: Open and timely two-way communication to eliminate misconception or misunderstanding.
  4. DIVERSITY: We believe in respect for individual differences and the promotion of mutual trust and respect for each other.
  5. CUSTOMER SERVICE: Committed to provide functional excellence which provides a superior return on tax dollars and the provision of the highest level of emergency service possible.
  6. ACCOUNTABILITY: We are accountable for our performance and the results of our efforts.

To perpetuate this high standard of excellence, all personnel must:

  1. Maintain a dynamic, growth-oriented environment that promotes teamwork and encourages individual initiative.
  2. Set priorities and execute plans consistent with personal and departmental strategic objectives.
  3. Provide leadership that motivates to achieve excellence in every dimension of our scope of activities.

This statement reflects the ideals of the Aromas Tri-County Fire Protection
District in its goal to achieve excellence in total operations.